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Our Staff

Our staff is at the backbone of what we do here at Wee Friends. We are excited to share our staff with you and tell you about their experience. Some of these staff members work in multiple COM Ministries.
Sharon Godfrey

Wee Friends Preschool Director

Sharon Godfrey has an Elementary Education/Early Childhood degree from
Millersville University. She also has her principal certificate. She has been teaching for 43 years, serving children in grades preschool to sixth grade. 33 of those years were in the Solanco School District. She has been the director of Wee Friends Preschool for 8 years and the Primary Program, which she also teaches, for 7 years. Every child she has taught has been a gift from God.

Wee Friends Preschool Teachers

Terry 2.jpeg
 Terry Glick

Wee Friends Preschool 2 yr old Teacher

Terry is the teacher for the 2 year old classroom, she started working as a classroom aid in the 2 year old classroom in January 2022 and became the teacher January  2023. She has
spent most of her career working with children. She was a nanny for 3 years, then for 7 years
she was a home health aid to a child with special needs where she went to school and was at home with him. After that she spent 3 years working as a classroom aide  in the Autistic Support classroom before coming to Wee Friends. Terry and her husband Jay live outside of Quarryville with their 3 kids Devin, Derrick and Aubrey (all of who attended Wee Friends Preschool) and  2 dogs Buddy and Daisy.  In her spare time you can find her at one of her kids sporting events or just hanging out at home

Kim Newswenger

Wee Friends Preschool 3 yr old Teacher

Kim started her preschool teaching career in 2004 as lead teacher for the two- and three-year-olds at Olivet Methodist Church in Coatesville. She joined Wee Friends in 2007 as the three-year-old teacher on Tues/Thurs and an aide in the 2-year- old class. In 2008 she switched to teaching and aiding solely for the three-year-old program, and in 2016 was teaching the 3 yr. olds five days a week. In addition to preschool, Kim has worked in our CLASP and Summer CLASP programs since 2008, and has been one of our Primary School aides for the last seven years. Kim is married to her husband Eric of 29 years, and has a son, a daughter, one dog and eight cats. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family, going out on her boat, reading, fishing, or kayaking.

Cathy Prange

Wee Friends Preschool 3 yr old Teacher

Spending time with children is one of Miss Cathy’s favorite things. She has worked at
Wee Friends for over 20 years. She started as an aide for the 2- and 3-year-old classes,
then moved on to teach the 3 year olds, and aide in the 4 year old classes. Miss Cathy
has been one of our lead 3 year old teachers for 18 years. She also works in our CLASP (Before/After care) and Summer CLASP programs with elementary students.
She and her husband have 3 sons and 5 grandchildren. In her free time Miss Cathy
enjoys reading and going to the beach.

Corinna Spade

Wee Friends Preschool 4 yr old Teacher

Corinna has 27 years of experience working with preschool age children. She started at Mt. Eden Preschool in 1996 and joined Wee Friends Preschool in 2004, aiding with the afternoon PreK class. Since working here, Corinna has taught the Tues/Th and Mon/Wed/Fri AM PreK classes, as well as been lead teacher for the afternoon PreK class. She also was the 2 yr. old aide for 4 years and has been one of the aides for our Primary Program. Besides preschool, Corinna has worked for the school year CLASP and Summer CLASP programs since 2012. Corinna and her husband George have been married for 35 years and attend LCBC in Lancaster. They have two daughters and three grandchildren, and enjoy family time and camping.

Shelby Fisher

Wee Friends Preschool 4 yr old Teacher

Shelby joined Wee Friends in 2008. She started as an aide for the 2 year olds and then in 2009 became a lead teacher for the Mon/Wed/Fri PreK program as well as an Aide for the 3 yr. old program. As of 2010 Shelby moved to solely teaching and aiding for the PreK. She lives in New Providence with her husband Brian. They have two children, Brandon and Brittney. Shelby enjoys spending time with her family, especially her grandson Colton. During the summer she like to be out in the sunshine by her pool or at the beach.

Patti Jackson

Wee Friends Preschool 4 yr old Teacher

Patti Jackson joined Wee Friends in 2003 as an aide on Mon/Wed/Fri in the Pre-K. In 2008 she began teaching the Mon/Wed/Fri and Tues/Thurs Pre-K classes. Patti is a member of Wrightsdale Baptist Church where she is also a Sunday School teacher for 20+ years for preschool age through 1 st grade. She attended Cecil College where she participated in sports. Out of the classroom Patti is married and has four daughters, a grandson Jake and a grandson Winston on the way. She loves sports, being outdoors and the beach. She has coached softball with her brother for eleven years then began coaching soccer for four years. Patti resides in Peach Bottom with her husband Troy,
two of their daughters (1 is in college), and two are married along with her cats too. She
loves being able to spend time with her family and grandsons and hopes to be blessed
with many more grandkids!


Wee Friends Preschool Classroom Aides

Jacey Horst

Wee Friends Preschool 2 Yr Old Aide

Jacey been blessed to work at Wee Friends Preschool for the past year. She loves being the mother to her sweet 4 year old daughter, Rilee. Jacey is a farm girl at heart, and enjoys working with the cows on my childhood Dairy Farm. She also works part time for Maplehofe Dairy. Jacey likes to start her mornings off early with a Matcha latte, and spending quiet time with Jesus. Things she likes to do in my free time are going for a long run, line dancing, and cooking.

Roberta Long

Wee Friends Preschool 3 Y Old Aide

Roberta Long is one of the 3-year-old teacher's aide's. She started at Wee Friends in 2021.
Roberta attends Smithville Church of God in New Providence, PA. Roberta also has nursery
experience at her church, babysitting for members from her church,  and is also a worship leader at her church. Roberta is also the mother of one Pug named Rudy.  Roberta lives in Holtwood, PA and in her spare time she loves reading, walking and spending time with other people's dogs.

Tiffany S.jpg
Tiffany Shrom

Wee Friends Preschool 3 Yr Old Aide

Tiffany Shrom has been working at Wee Friend’s pre-school for the past 3 years as an aide for
the 3-year-old classroom with Cathy Prange. She found Wee Friends through her first job at
Mechanic Grove Church of the Brethren, working at Summer CLASP. Tiffany is a local Quarryville resident and went to Slippery Rock University to obtain a BFA degree in dance. Over the years, her dance experience, and jobs at Mechanic Grove have led her to work with children from 3 all the way up to 18 years old. In her spare time, she enjoys weekends at her bay house in Maryland, teaching at Debbie’s School of Dance, and Yoga.

"I have had 4 of our children participate in the Wee Friends Preschool Program and 3 of our children participate in the Primary Program. This preschool is hands down the best place to send your kids. The classes are age appropriate from toddler classes to the primary program, and our kids are treated with love and kindness. Giving our kids the year in the primary program was the best decision we could have made. They learned so much at a pace that was perfect for them to enjoy learning. Every teacher has been trustworthy and we have always known our kids were safe and valued while at school. " ~ Alison Fisher

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