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About Us

Wee Friends Preschool was a vision of Pastor Earl K Ziegler. In the spring of 1975, it was promoted by MGCB member Marlene Eckman as Wee Friends' first lead teacher. The school has grown over the years with room for 144 children. Most of the children come from the Solanco community. Wee Friends Preschool currently offers classes from 2 years old to Pre-K.

Director: Sharon Godfrey


Phone:     717.786.2723 ext 161

Our 7 years at Wee Friends has flown by, we started our oldest in the 2 yr old classroom and now our youngest is in the 3 yr old class. Everyone has always been so welcoming and an encouragement. We love to know our kids are being Loved and taught the Love of Jesus. The teachers/staff all go above and beyond for their students and families. We will miss the connections we’ve made all these years when we move on, but we will forever be grateful for our time at Wee Friends.  ~ Kayla Marvin

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